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Therapy Assistance

A Therapy Assistant works under the supervision and delegation of an Allied Health Professional (AHP) to assist with therapeutic and program related support.

Therapy Assistance at Sunny can only be accessed with the involvement and supervision of a suitably qualified allied health practitioner.


Our Therapy Assistants can work in collaboration with Sunny therapists, Sunny affiliates, or your existing therapist (check with them first). 

Programs are offered in 10-week blocks and programs are reviewed after10 weeks. If at any point, review by the supervising therapist is required then this can be arranged.

Our Therapy Assistants can offer:

Occupational Therapy Programs

Why choose a therapy assistant?

Benefits to working with a therapy assistant include:
  • Cheaper hourly rate: stretch your budget further!

  • Key worker model: your therapy assistant can collaborate with a range of therapists so you work with the same person regularly!


  • Avoid lengthy waiting lists: start your therapeutic journey sooner!

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How it works:

1. Consultation with supervising therapist

Discuss goals, supports and suitability of the program. 

2. Consultation with supervising therapist and Therapy Assistant

Create a Therapy Plan.

3. Commence program with Therapy Assistant


Weekly or fortnightly sessions at home/school/wherever works for you.

4. Therapist review of goals/progress at the half-way point (behind the scenes)

5. After 10 sessions:


Collaborative Progress Report (if desired).

Consultation with therapist, review program and continue (if desired).

Therapy Assistants at Sunny are either University Students studying in a similar field or have relevant qualifications and/or experience.

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