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Psychology &
Autism Assessment 

Our psychologists support neurodivergent individuals with various the challenges they may be facing, and offer strategies and therapies that can enhance wellbeing.

Psychology serves as a powerful tool for understanding, empowering, and advocating for those with unique cognitive and neurological profiles.

To provide effective therapeutic support, our psychologists strive to understand the unique experiences and needs of neurodivergent individuals. This understanding encompasses factors like sensory sensitivities, communication styles, cognitive processing differences, and the emotional aspects of living in a neurotypical world.

By embracing the principles of the neurodiversity paradigm and tailoring therapy to individual needs, psychology serves as a cornerstone for enhancing the lives of neurodivergent individuals, helping us to navigate challenges and celebrate the strengths that make us unique.


Whether you are a neurodivergent individual seeking support or a caregiver looking for guidance, our psychologists develop individualised strategies that align with the specific requirements and preferences of their clients.


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At Sunny we offer neurodiversity affirming team Autism Assessments with a Psychologist and Speech Pathologist predominantly utilising the MIGDAS interview tool (a more affirming approach than the DSM-5).

Our Autism Assessments serve as a tool to explore your brain, neurotype, and understand yourself better. These assessments support your journey toward living authentically as you are. 

Our multi-disciplinary autism assessments are designed to be empowering, avoiding criticism or invalidation of your neurodivergent brain. Instead, the focus is on self-discovery, leaving you with a sense of celebration and empowerment to embrace your most authentic self. We aren't just looking at your "deficits" and your "challenges". We explore the "good stuff" too!

Why Multi-Disciplinary?

There are several best-practice ways to conduct Autism Assessments in Australia. At Sunny, we offer:

Registered Psychologist + Speech Pathologist

Other ways of accessing an autism assessment (that we can't offer) include:

Clinical Psychologist

Paediatrician (for children)

Is the Assessment NDIS Eligible?

Yes, if you are identified as Autistic, you may use your report to apply for the NDIS. The NDIS requires that autism be assessed with the DSM-5, and our team do use this tool in addition to the MIGDAS. It is important to note that funding is not always guaranteed as you will be subject to the NDIS access criteria. Check out our resources page to learn more about autism and the NDIS. 

*Please note: As of 1st July 2024, Assessment and Report Fee will be $1950

Psychologists at Sunny are registered with AHPRA

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