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Evidence suggests that peer-mentoring from fellow neurodivergent people, improves positive wellbeing.

Sunny Spectrum mentors are spectacular neurodivergent people who are client-focused and always work using people's strengths. At Sunny, we support people using neurodiversity affirming approaches and we are always learning new ways to best support people in achieving their goals and enjoying their lives.

Mentoring at Sunny is versatile, check out some examples of how it could look:

  • Playing Minecraft while socialising

  • Playing board games and practicing turn taking and patience

  • Supporting you to plan and execute tasks like tidying and homework

  • Supporting daily routines,

  • Support through uni studies with body doubling, executive functioning strategies

  • Exploring individual passions and special interests or finding new ones

  • Developing positive wellbeing through the arts

  • Supporting positive wellbeing, identity and acceptance

Mentoring can complement existing therapies OR offer an alternative to therapy. 

We are flexible!

Things our Mentors can do include:


to develop and build on skills for relationships, organisation or life transitions

engage in the community and try new things


routines to cook, clean and juggle every day chores

confidence and self-esteem


positive life choices, self-advocacy and meeting goals

Our team of neurodivergent Mentors are passionate about helping people to achieve their goals. Whether getting ready to start school or leave home; we're here to help you build those skills at your pace. We've been there. We get it.

We have Mentors with a wide intersection of lived-experience.


We believe in the importance of community, whether it be your Neuro-Kin (people with a similar brain style), cultural, LGBTQIA+ and so on. Access to like-minded peers is a key element to the formation of positive identity and social well-being.

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