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About Sunny

A Social Enterprise that is owned, operated and informed by lived-experience of neurodivergence and disability.

We offer a range of therapeutic and support services, as well as community wide education.

We empower autistic and broader neurodivergent people to realise their potential and find their place in the world. Our mission is for our community to feel better supported, more included and safe to be their true self

We aim to support people who may otherwise be disengaged from community, therapy or support services by offering tailored alternatives. This can be designed with you and/or work in tandem with existing supports. 


We uphold our commitment to neurodiversity affirming practice in everything we do, and we believe that true inclusion can only occur with community wide education.


Children, Teens & Adults


Parents & Carers


Practitioners, Support Staff, Businesses, Employers, Workplaces, Schools

What makes us different?



...we care.


CREATIVE - we love to curiously think outside the box and design unique supports just for you.

ADAPTIVE - we meet you where you are in the moment - in your environment, in your communication style and with your values.

RADIANT - we always aim to radiate authenticity and kindness; and we'll always look for the same in you.

EMPOWERING - we are passionate about giving our community their voice, power and choice. 

Image by Hannah Busing
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