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Support Coordination


What is a Support Coordinator?

Support Coordinators help you to understand your NDIS plan, access supports and keep track of goals and funding. They work with you to help exercise your choice and control while staying within the guidelines of the NDIS. 

A Support Coordinator is different to a Local Area Coordinator (LAC). Every NDIS participant has an LAC, where as a Support Coordinator is an "extra" support person that some participants have access to within their plans to further support their NDIS journey.


There are three different types of Support Coordinator:


Level 1 = Support Connection

Level 2 = Support Coordination 

Level 3 = Specialist Support Coordination

(i.e. Complex cases coordinated by an Allied Health Professional)

Can I have a Support Coordinator?

Maybe! It is best to talk to your LAC if you feel as though you would benefit from some extra support from a Support Coordinator. Not all plans include it, and you generally need to request it.

Our Support Coordinators encourage strong communication and harmony in the supports that you receive.

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What can a Sunny Support Coordinator help with?


Build your confidence in understanding the world of NDIS


Support to understand your NDIS plan, goals and funding

Make a budget for your funding and maximise its potential

Help you manage your support team and negotiate with providers on your behalf

Link to informal, mainstream and community supports

Coaching to understand the different types of funding available in your plan

Help you to you link with the required services in a timely fashion

Preserving informal support networks, and getting the most out of formal support networks

Keep track of your goals and assist with any adjustments along the way

Preparation for NDIS plan review meeting

Who can Sunny support?

We are experienced in working with a varied range of disability, with our specialty being in Autism and other neurological differences (‘the neurodivergent umbrella’).

Our Support Coordinators currently work with people who have a self-managed or third-party plan-managed NDIS plan, and have funding available for Support Coordination. If you are not sure, reach out and we can help you interpret your plan.

Conflict of Interest

Sunny Support Coordinators will always act with integrity and in the best interests of the participant. This means that we will only ever recommend supports and services that are appropriate for the individual.


We will always be transparent declare if there is a perceived conflict of interest. For example, we will not generally refer our Support Coordination clients to other supports under the Sunny banner (for example, a Sunny mentor) unless a) the person requests it, or b) it is truly the most appropriate support. As many options as possible are presented to our clients so that they are able to apply their complete choice and control when selecting their support services.


Sunny does not condone "Sharp Practices" (acting sneakily or dishonestly). 

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