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Services to employers, workplaces and neurodivergent individuals.

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We support individuals AND employers to work together to realise the unique strengths that come with neurodivergence. We support both parties to optimise communication, tasks and environments.  

At Sunny we believe it is not only the individual who needs to address employment barriers; but employers too; thereby meeting in the middle!

School Leaver Employment Supports, Finding and Keeping a Job....and Employer Consultancy!


Neurodiversity inclusion awareness training and consultancy. Learn how to embrace differences and harness strengths in a way that will not only benefit the neurodivergent employee, but the business too. 

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Tailored support to explore and navigate pathways to prepare for, and locate, meaningful and inclusive employment. Supports are delivered by our neurodivergent, lived-experience experts.

Most school leavers with an NDIS package are entitled to an additional amount of funding to explore and navigate post-school options and get ready for employment. A good time to start talking to the NDIS about SLES (School Leaver Employment Supports) funding is in year 11 and 12. 

The NDIS can also provide funding to support people who have an employment related goal under the Finding and Keeping a Job category for any participant who is of working age.

Tailored support to navigate employment options; whether that be in the open market, self-employment or volunteering. We walk beside neurodivergent individuals as they develop skills, explore strengths and discover possibilities.

The best thing to do is talk to your Support Coordinator or LAC  (Local Area Coordinator) about your employment goals to find out if you are eligible.



We work with neurodivergent individuals (school leavers through to mature adults) who have an employment related goal. Areas of focus that could be included in individualised support plans include (but are not limited to):

Goal setting & career planning
Identifying strengths & areas of difficulty
Conflict management
Reasonable accommodations
Workplace and task optimisation
Protecting health & wellbeing
On-the-job mentoring
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Don't have an NDIS plan?

We know it isn't always easy to access the NDIS. You are most welcome to access Neuro-Works consultancy privately. In just a few sessions, we can guide you towards valuable tools, resources and solutions that can empower you to achieve success with a deeper understanding of your rights.

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