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Minecraft Online Group


1-1.5 Hours


Minecraft Online Social Groups 

Online gaming groups provide an opportunity for social engagement while playing fantasy-based role-playing games, in a supported and secure online environment. 

Our programs have been designed to support the development of confidence in a range of social and communication scenarios. Each player can work with their team-mates while providing space to share, get creative and problem-solve with others.​

People are grouped together by age and group sizes are small. Each session is facilitated by 1-2 mentors who have an interest in Minecraft and can engage with each participant in their preferred way.  

Skill areas that may be targeted include:  


Joint problem solving 

Concentration Speaking and non-speaking communication  


Conflict resolution  

Communication and literacy  

Groups run in line with school terms, with alternate programs offered in the school holiday breaks.  

Please book an "Introduction Session" with one of our Mentors to discuss.

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