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An Introduction to Neuro-Affirming Practice - PRIVATE SESSION




4-5 Hours

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About the Course

Privatre in-person or online Workshops are suitable for for groups of 10+ people.

Private workshops include: 

  • Negotiated day and time to suit busy schedules

  • Take away resources and toolkit

  • Access to private consultation for one month (within reason)


Neurodiversity 101

The Neurodiversity Movement

Through an AuDHD lens

Neuro-Affirming Practice

Reflection / Q & A


  • Describe the meaning of neurodiversity 

  • Critically analyse the medical and social model of disability with regard to neurodiversity

  • Have a greater insight to the way an autistic person may experience the world and use this knowledge to guide affirming service provision

  • Write a balanced report that is respectful of community preferences while still demonstrating support needs

  • Identify the strategies to engineer a welcoming and safe clinical experience for an autistic person

This workshop has been designed to run for 4 hours, however please note that we do support a healthy discussion so times may run over depending on group interaction. We recommend that you allow up to 5 hours just in case.

Your Instructor

Tammie & Jasmine

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